Content Editor vs Content Writer; 5 major Differences Explained

The word content has become more common in this era of new media. You hear phrases like content creator, content marketing, content strategy and the likes. If you are in the field of journalism or marketing, chances are that you have also come across the words content editor and content writer. Perhaps, you have even made comparisons of the two. 

In this article, we will be looking at content writing and content editing and what differences exist between them. We will also provide some tips on how you can be a better content editor or writer. 

Who is a content writer?

A content writer is someone responsible for sharing information through the use of written words. Usually, a content writer creates content by producing engaging pieces like articles, stories, blog posts, social media posts, copy, etc for websites, brands, products and services.

A bachelor’s degree in communications, journalism or linguistics is enough educational requirement for most content writing jobs. Top-level brands in certain niches may however require higher qualifications in niche areas. 

There are various kinds of content writers and it is important to know when to use them. They include ghostwriters, blog writers, brand journalists, scriptwriters, social media writers and a host of others. 

Who is a content editor?  

A content editor oversees content production with a special focus on fact-checking and revising the content to ensure that the content has been written in good grammar, devoid of spelling mistakes and with a tone and quality that adequately presents the intended message.

A content editor usually has long experience as a writer and could also benefit from understanding other areas like graphic design. They also help to develop content strategies in conjunction with other departments in a company. 

To become a content editor, a bachelor’s degree is required but a master’s degree can give you competitive advantage. Asides from possessing extensive writing skills, content editors also require other skills such as employing content management systems, having good verbal communication, having a keen eye for detail, time management and an ability to multitask.  

Having understood who a content writer is and who a content editor is, it is clear that they share a couple of similarities. They are both creative thinkers who have significant writing skills and an ability to drive brand marketing but how different are they? keep reading to find out. 

5 differences between a content writer and content editor

1. Scope of work

A content editor has a wider scope of work than a content writer. While a content writer creates only written texts, a content editor’s work includes editing designs, content organisation, etc. The content editor’s aim transcends mere writing and delves into issues of tone, perception and mood. 

In fact, the content editor handles the complete package of the work and is responsible for producing the final body of work. 

A number of content writing and editing companies exist today such as Brafton and Digital Creativeness. These companies can help help you produce well researched and edited content for your blogs and websites. 

2. Level of collaboration

Content writers generally work independently and can produce their work from anywhere. All they need is to have a topic and research tools and they can produce a great piece of content such as blog posts, social media posts, scripts and a lot more. This is not the case for content editors hence, the need to stay in offices or maintain strict communication with the office if working remotely. 

The content editor’s work involves various departments within a company. A content editor has to work with the brand manager in order to understand the focus of a company or brand that they may be working with. 

A content editor also has the responsibility of working with other creators including the graphic designers in order to make sure that written and graphic/visual content corresponds with the focus of brand. 

3. Required experience

Content writers can mostly get the job done without having vast experience in the field. All that is required is a creative mind and a good command of language. With a content editor, this is different. He or she requires years of experience to be able to make it into the field of editing. 

Some content writers begin their career in writing just after college. Getting a bachelors degree is usually useful for them but they may not need a masters degree to go further in their career. 

A Company hiring  copy editors usually requires that the editor possesses a bachelors degree in writing, journalism, linguistics, communication or a niche field. Having a masters degree can also help in giving their career a boost. 

4. Income

Content writers have more flexible income options. This is because many of them work as freelance writers and could earn very low when they are employed as entry-level staff. This is quite different for a content editor.

Content editors generally require vast experience and qualifications to get employed. Because of this, their salaries are a bit higher and more secure than the average content writer however, it gets a bit dicey because a content writer who works extremely hard is still capable of earning higher than a content editor. 

In 2021, US Bureau of Labour Statistics reported that writers earned a median pay of 69,510 dollars annually which appeared to be higher than the average salary of a content editor who earned 63,350 dollars in that year. 

5. Any editor can be a writer but not any writer can be an editor

A content editor is a writer who transitioned from being a writer to an editor through extensive experience and educational qualifications. It is safe to say that content editors are also content writers with a little extra skill.

Content writers on the other hand may not have the required experience, qualification and skills to be regarded as content editors. 

Which one is better? 

If you are expecting to hear that one is more superior than the other then I’m sorry to disappoint you. Content writing and editing are both wonderful careers. Their acceptability will depend on who is making the decision. 

If you want to remain free and enjoy the independence that comes with creating content then being a content writer might be the best bet for you. On the flip side, If you have an eye for detail and you are better at watching the back of others then being an editor is your best bet.

It really doesn’t matter where you are. What matters is that you are enjoying your work. You’ll certainly make enough money to cater for your needs irrespective of which of them you decide to go with.

Tips to becoming a better content writer and content editor

Despite the differences mentioned above, both careers can be improved using the same methods. You can become a better content writer and editor by:

  1. Making sure that you create content that is well researched and verifiable.
  2. Always aiming for original content written with correct grammar and structure.
  3. Being flexible and adaptable. This will help you go along with trends.
  4. Investing in acquiring technical knowledge. E.g, SEO, image editing, etc. Remember, the more knowledge you have, the wider scope you are able to handle.
  5. Ensuring that you meet deadlines. This can give your career a boost by making you more trustworthy to your clients.

Final words

Content writing and editing have become very important careers in the world of marketing. Using a unique writing style guide and copy editing, brands can now tap into the digital space to communicate with their consumers. If you are interested in hiring copy editors and writers who produce great content, ensure that you look for one that can deliver well-researched content within a given deadline.

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